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Gottschalk and Cuba- Antonio Iturrioz

Havana-born Antonio Iturrioz, concert pianist, documentarian and Steinway Artist, will perform works from his most recent album that was recorded at Skywalker Sound in Novato CA, with Grammy Award-winning Producer Leslie Ann Jones.

" Antonio's projection of the inner life in these works of Gottschalk et al is uncanny. His technical mastery is beyond complete, but it is his realization of the ‘heart and soul’ of this music which is most impressive. That he as given the world this historic ‘first’ re-hearing of Gottschalk’s original intentions for ‘Night in the Tropics’ is more than worthy of being recorded for posterity."

Andre Watts March 26th, 2018

Gottschalk and Cuba is a journey through 100 years of music that started with a 19th Century American pianist-composer living in Cuba and a 21st Century Cuban-American pianist telling the story.  Louis Moreau Gottschalk was America’s first important pianist-composer and the Rock Star of his age (1829-1869). He was Abe Lincoln’s favorite pianist! Antonio Iturrioz’s new CD, due in 2018, will have several world premieres of music by important Cuban pianist-composers who were all influenced by Gottschalk, and the influence Cuban music had on Gottschalk.

Antonio will be performing his world premiere recording of Gottschalk’s greatest work, Symphony Romantique BOTH movements, Night in the Tropics and Fiesta Criolla, ON ONE PIANO!

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